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  • You can start listening to the on-demand recordings that are listed in the Modules Menu under “Neuro Endocrinology”.
  • The recordings are listed on the right column.
  • A pdf of the powerpoint for each presentation is listed above each recording.
  • There is one quiz for each module, located below the list of recording & in the right column.
    • Click on the quiz listing, and then click the button “Start Quiz”.
    • Each quiz has 8 questions. If you do not pass the quiz with 75% or better, you can re-take it.
    • If you failed the quiz twice and need technical support to access a retake, please email customerservice@restorativemedicine.com.

Tracking Your Progress

You can track your progress on your profile page.

  • In the list of  modules, click on the triangle and it will open up your progress report for that topic.
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