Details You Need to Know

  • Registered participants can start the on demand recordings portion of the program anytime.
  • Coursework will be completed through a combination of on-demand learning (listening to recorded presentations and completing quizzes), live webinars,  and attending 2 conferences  (the Spring Neurology Seminar, and the Annual Restorative Medicine Conference).
  • Live webinars are every 1-2 months, and all start at 7 pm EST for approximately 2 hours. If a live webinar is missed, the student is required to listen to the recording. Faculty for the online webinars include Jay Lombard, DO, Mary Move, ND and Michael Friedman, ND. Please see the Faculty page for details about these accomplished physicians and educators.
  • The Fellowship has a rolling admission.  As such live webinars and conferences will continue to cycle year after year.  For example if you start the Fellowship in November 2022, you will be able to watch webinars and conferences that you missed live in 2023.
  • Recordings of the entire program are included in the registration price.



Total CME Breakdown: 35 CME + about 60 hours on-demand courses*

*It is required to complete on-demand recordings and related quizzes to earn certification, however recordings are not eligible for CME credits.